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I, Zamara started Cosmic Ascent Jewelry in 2018 as a partnership between myself and Shelly, and started selling directly from my Facebook shop. In 2020 we changed our license to become Cosmic Ascent and Cosmic Ascent Jewelry LLC. I handle the creative and content side of things, while Shelly helps with the financial and legal side of running the business.  We are ecstatic to bring our best selves to this business, and uphold our business values of creativity, quality, fairness, community engagement, and commitment to customers.


Zamara Bennett

Founder, President

I'm Zamara Bennett, I'm the president and founder of Cosmic Ascent Jewelry! I like to think of myself as the team visionary, I mostly focus on jewelry design, production, and content creation! I went to school for Computer Information Systems many years ago, and I've had a passion for digital technology from a young age. I began making jewelry just a few years ago and instantly fell in love with creating my own designs for myself and friends! I'm so psyched to be able to put my skills to use in a practical and creative way with Cosmic Ascent and Cosmic Ascent Jewelry.

Fun facts: I have taught myself how to read tarot cards, and I am self taught on the piano and guitar.


Shelly Bennett

Partner, Director of Finance

I am Shelly Bennett, the Director of Finance for Cosmic Ascent & Cosmic Ascent Jewelry, LLC. 

I am a veteran of the United States Navy, 1993, and a college graduate of Crown College, 2003, one of the original online/virtual colleges. I think it is funny, being a partner for Cosmic Ascent after Covid hit and everything went online, it's very handy to have experience working in digital spaces. Zamara is my daughter, on top of handling our finances, working on this team is definitely a balancing act between the creative aspects of jewelry design and the analytical processes of running a business. Together we make a great dialectic between these two spaces and I'm so proud to be a part of this team.

Fun Fact: We have three cats at home (Theo, Priscilla, and Tita) along with our wonderful dog (Shanaenay). I love old school R&B and soul music and my absolute favorite artist of all time is Michael Jackson.