2021 Updates: New Product Line, Diversity Action Mentoring Program, & Podcast!

New Year, Same Ascent

It’s been a long time since I’ve given you stars an update on what’s happening in my little universe these days. Right now I’m in the midst of healing some major trauma, and tapping back into my own spirit. Business wise there are a lot of updates to talk about mainly the new product line we’re working on launching, the mentorship program opportunity I was awarded, and content I’ve been releasing on social media and will be continuing into the year.


Cosmic Ascent Talks (CAT) Podcast with Nero the Witch

Maybe you’ve already seen on my instagram or facebook, that I’ve been running a weekly podcast with Nero the Witch, but it’s been happening every week on Wednesday or Thursday evenings for the last few weeks (save for a few interruptions).

Our series is entitled Cosmic Ascent Talks and we like to discuss all things memetic, spiritual, digital, social and metaphysical!

We are moving our podcast dates to Friday evenings at 7pm PST

We get deep and spoopy, of course, and you can find our previous podcasts on my Youtube Channel Here.

I always do a promo shout out on my social accounts so be sure to follow me on Youtube, Instagram, & Facebook to know for sure when we’re live or are about to go live.

To make a long story short with Nero & I, we have been working on a lot of different projects together some have been hits and others almost-hits, so it’s hard to say what will happen between the two of us from one week to the next. We have managed to keep consistent on our podcast content despite all of the chaos and shadow work, and so I’m extremely proud of us for that and I’m truly excited to see where our friendship takes us going forward.


Couture Diversity Action Mentorship Program

Speaking of going forward, I’m so happy to announce that Cosmic Ascent Jewelry and myself the founder, Zamara Bennett have been accepted into a diversity couture action mentorship program created to diversify the couture jewelry industry and spearheaded by some of the greats in the industry. The road forward with that is still being paved, so I’ll be giving more details as I’m made aware and go through the program itself. You can read more about the initiative here.


New Product Line & Jewelry Collection

Shelly (AKA my mom & Financial Director), had a stellar idea for a line of products we are currently developing, along with a new jewelry collection. So we are in the midst of also coming up with those initial product concepts, developing and experimenting with product ideas, ordering supplies, and finally launching something entirely new and different than the products we have sold up to now. We really want to go back to basics with jewelry and products that help us stay balanced, grounded, and in alignment with the elements around us. We will also be unleashing details on that as soon as they come to light.


More to Come

For now that’s everything that has been and is going on with me. Be sure to subscribe to my social media accounts for future updates, I’m way better at updating my social media than my blog, which you should also look forward to seeing more of. Thanks so much for reading and supporting me

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