Bullets, Magic, & Ascension

I’ve been wanting to share my story since the start of this website, the thing is there’s so much involved in my spiritual awakening, it's hard to know where to start. I think that for the sake of Cosmic Ascent, it’s best to start with the incidents in my life that caused me to create this business and platform, so you can better understand what this is all about for me. Cosmic Ascent is a philosophy of ascension for humanity. We have our hearts set on developing into a social enterprise model where a portion of our profits go towards creating new community projects and other businesses from the bottom up in order to address some of the complicated issues plaguing humanity at this time. Some areas we would like to focus on specifically are employment, peer support therapies, spiritual empowerment, and that’s just a few. So let’s get in our cosmic time machine and go back 5 years to 2016 January 25th… Back to where it all began.


January 25th, 2016 I was coming home from dinner with a close friend. As we were on the freeway, everything seemed normal. Suddenly, from the rearview mirror, my friends and I could see a car speeding up from behind us. We thought nothing of it, just kept driving. Then, as the car drew nearer and was finally about to pass us on the left-hand side, one of my friends sitting in the back exclaimed, “Oh, they want to race!”, and my heart dropped to my butt. Something just didn’t seem right, and within a few seconds, my suspicion was confirmed. Before there was time to say anything else, the car had pulled up alongside us and started to roll down the window. I could feel myself saying, “Oh no, no, shit”. The person inside the car seemed to have a bandana on the lower half of his face, he threw up a gang sign, pulled the hammer back on his gun and began firing.

I can remember thinking in my mind that I was going to die, and whatever I thought about God or death was about to be confirmed. I had a dissociative experience when the bullets were hitting my body, meaning that my consciousness went to another place to cope. I believe that this experience was the most direct encounter with God that I have ever had.

My friend driving the car, swerved and pulled off into a ditch. He was already screaming, and I was just trying to calm everyone down. I remember him saying he was shot and me saying, “No, I think we’re okay…” I looked down to see blood coming from my thigh and lower calf and then I reached for my phone to call the police.

After this incident which couldn’t have lasted longer than a few minutes, everything about my life had changed. The individuals in the car next to us fired 13 shots into the drivers side door of the car I was in, the driver and I were rushed to the hospital. He was shot three times, and I was shot twice. Luckily the injuries were not life threatening and we were out of the hospital in three days, we were up and walking again three weeks after that.

Spiritual Emergence

Before that incident, I had a little interest in the occult and Tarot, but found with school and work it was hard to learn the system of the Tarot or understand what the hell any of these old occult books were talking about. At the time I didn’t really believe in God or any kind of higher powers, looking back I can see that it was a struggle for me to orient myself in occult philosophy primarily because of my inability to see beyond physicality. After my accident I was unable to return to school and work, blessing in disguise, and this gave me a lot of time to get serious about spirituality and to dive deep into metaphysics.

After what happened to me, and my dissociation I mentioned before, I felt like I had an experience I couldn’t understand fully. I am not sure exactly why I felt that spirituality and occultism would provide me with answers, but I went with my gut; Knowing full well, that if nothing else this would be the place to figure out what exactly I’d experienced because it was so alien to anything I’d ever heard or seen before, and also because it seemed as though even my doctors and psychiatrists were at a loss to give me guidance going forward.

In these circumstances, where else is there to turn to besides God?

Initially my interest in metaphysics and the occult began as simply wanting to learn how to read Tarot cards. After my incident, I had a lot of time to myself and I spent that time studying Tarot intensely, this led to my further explorations into other aspects of spirituality including Kabbalah, Astrology, Magic, and Gnosticism - to name a few practices.



The culmination of my spiritual and metaphysical studies, has been this website and business you’re seeing today - Cosmic Ascent! Cosmic Ascent is a process of ascension which utilizes a cosmological perspective to rise above our earthly chains and mundane realities which hold us from realizing our truest potentials. There is obviously a lot more to expand on in my explanation as to how my recovery from trauma manifested this brand and business; As I said before, there is a long explanation and story behind the creation of Cosmic Ascent so consider this part one of a series I will have to continue going forward. This is my story, and the foundation for Cosmic Ascent & Cosmic Ascent Jewelry LLC. Thank you so much for reading this, and for your support!

I’m going to be talking more about my story and what I’ve learned from it this week on my podcast Cosmic Ascent Talks so be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel and tune in tomorrow evening at 7pm PST if you want to ask my questions or hear more about my journey!


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