Enhance Your Calm: A Guide to the Cosmic Ascent Process.

Hey hey everyone! This post is coming from both myself (Zamara Bennett) and my co-founder (Shelly Bennett); We are hoping that you're doing well and want to thank you for stopping by our blog and supporting all the hard work we put in here at Cosmic Ascent LLC!


In my last post, I told you a little bit of my story and what inspired me to start Cosmic Ascent & Cosmic Ascent Jewelry LLC. We launched our first collection, the Constellation Collection as an exploration of iridecian (crystal) metaphysics, mythology, and the cosmos.

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We focused on utilizing gemstones and the mythology of the constellations to create jewelry that empowers our stars with the energies of the Gods.

For this post, I want to talk about a new concept that has grown so large in our philosophy as to inspire our newest collection: ENHANCE YOUR CALM!


There is a Cosmos within the Chaos

It’s a cosmic universe out there; In the void of space, stars form into planets which then shift and collide everyday constellations are born and die. It’s rare that a system of rotating spheres come together in such a way as to manifest anything at all, yet our solar system managed to align around a central star and each planet within that system plays a part for the purpose (insofar as we can tell) of manifest life here on Earth.

In a way our solar system, though a small speck in a unimaginably chaotic universe, operates as a harmonious totality. The idea of aligning yourself in a similar manner, that’s where the concept of Enhance Your Calm came about. Finding your central sun, your real self is the most important part of this process. In order to let that force in your life grow, you have to Enhance Your Calm! How might one do that?

My Co-Founder, Shelly Bennett has some initial points to start with:

Hello everyone!

I'm Shelly Bennett and I am so happy to be able to contribute on this topic . When I began building on the concept for Enhance Your Calm, I was prompted to start by looking at the actual process in by examining what I've found on my own journey of healing and what has helped me to make the ascent to my highest potential. I wanted to share what I wrote with you all, with the intentions of allowing you to also begin this process and rise to your higher self as well.




To Enhance is to intensify, increase or to further improve the quality, value or extent of something; to embellish, reprioritize and reorganize to create a better sense of order in the chaos that is Life.


Your is to be specific to one’s self and this is where the real work begins.


Calm is the absence of physical and emotional agitation; not showing or feeling any strong emotions, positive or negative. A serene and peaceful mind and body.


Enhance Your Calm, in Theory & Practice

What comes to your mind when you think about Enhancing your Calm? Try making a list, here's an example list but yours can be longer or shorter it's really up to you!

  1. Relationships – family/friends

  2. Faith – any belief in a higher power

  3. Career – education, pay, stability

  4. Home – food, clothing, shelter

Now, examine your list... Where are you on it? Are you on the list at all? Are you holding yourself as a high priority or a low one? Examine these relationships and the dynamics between the different elements you created.

It's totally normal to see yourself or lose yourself in each of the examples I gave above. This is why it's extremely important to define yourself as a distinct element of this system. If you didn't list yourself originally, go ahead and add yourself to the number one spot; Also, if you have listed yourself on a lower level add yourself to the top spot on your list.


Making Yourself a Priority

It is true what they say, if you do not make Yourself a priority no one will. Please see updated list below with You as the #1 priority.

  1. You – physical, mental and emotional health

  2. Faith

  3. Relationships

  4. Career

  5. Home

It is never too late to start Enhancing Your Calm. What drives you? What inspires you? If you are not sure of what you want, it is ok to start with what you do not want and work from there.

To Enhance Your Calm is to balance your being from within. That internal balance will lead to an external balance naturally and is extremely specific to each individual. We are creating a line of products aimed at reminding us to find our center of balance so we can juggle the rest of our lives with grace.


Taking it Further

Both Zamara, and I are so excited to continue sharing more with you all about this process and would love to hear from you lovely beings, what your ideas and thoughts are about enhancing your calm to rise above the chaos we all find ourselves in right now. If you're interested in hearing more about how this has shown up during our journey and what it really entails, you should check out the last episode of our live podcast where Zamara & her amazing bestie Nero the Witch thoroughly explore the idea of Enhance Your Calm even further

We’re finalizing designs and developing our new products, but everything in this line is about this idea, looking at ourselves, each other, and the world as a harmonious totality of interlocking parts moving towards a centralized goal. I’m curious what practices you Earth stars out there use to Enhance Your Calm and maintain balance during these times of chaos? Leave a comment below, let me know what you do why you think it helps you and any tips you have for others looking to give it a try.


Thanks for reading don’t forget to check out our constellation collection of jewelry if you haven’t already, we will see you next time for more on enhance your calm and Cosmic Ascent Jewelry!

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