Healing Crystals and Gemstones? Exploring the Metaphysics Behind the Myths

As you may know already, at Cosmic Ascent Jewelry we use healing crystals and gemstones throughout our designs to give our stars the powers of the Earth in protection, healing, and self empowerment. There's a lot to cover when it comes to the historic significance of gemstones and crystals to humanity throughout time and culture, but there's no doubt that the trend is re-emerging.

So what's the dealio with crystals and stones, specifically can wearing a gemstone bracelet really aid you in healing or call cosmic forces to your aide at the flick of your wrist? In this article I'll attempt to give you a few different perspectives on this subject, we'll look at the historic use of crystals throughout different cultures, the metaphysical and spiritual use of crystals today, and our intention at Cosmic Ascent when we use crystals in our jewelry.

Historic Significance and Use Throughout Many Cultures

From ancient sumeria to the present day, crystals have been used as amulets and talismans thought to be physical holders of spiritual properties. In Ancient Egypt it was thought that certain stones were linked to gods and goddesses and this continued into ancient Greece as well. Ancient Chinese, Hindu, and Native populations utilized gemstones to guide healing phsyical ailments, some stones purportedly giving the ability of practitioners to see aspects of the body hidden to the naked eye. It's easy to see that cultures throughout the world throughout all time have held crystals and gemstones with special significance. Even today, crystals are used in all facets of modern technology to store and transmit energy. If crystals make communication systems like radio and television, why couldn't they work as components of systems that heal the body and mind as well?

Today, gemstones and crystals as pertaining to mindfullness, spirituality, and health are the result of a resurgance of interest following the New Age movement. Modern science considers crystal healing to be a psuedoscience; But many, like myself, believe that we could see this change in the future as science grows beyond the measurement of merely physical but also psychological and spiritual (or quantum) effects and phenomena. Crystals and gemstones form under intense conditions, millions of years of pressure and heat. The summation of these processes are purified elements like diamonds, quartz, and all other precious stones. It's thought that these crystals store and transmit energy and that energy can affect our energy and we can interact with the stone to achieve certain effects.

Just like the quartz in your average wristwatch facilitates the flow of time, meditating with and carrying quartz on the body can facilitate the flow of whatever energy you're looking to bring into your life. These stones can assist in healing or facilitate healing in your mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical wellbeing. Being a survivor of gun violence, I myself have struggled with PTSD and one of the techniques used to cope is having a physical item that can help you stay mentally and emotionally grounded -- Being able to touch the gemstones on my necklaces, earrings, and bracelets has served me many times in dealing with emotional triggers throughout the day.

Crystals and Gemstones in Cosmic Ascent Jewelry

As an artist working with precious stones to create jewelry, my hope is that each piece we create at Cosmic Ascent Jewelry works to bring an abundance of healing energies to you, the wearer (our stars as we like to call them at Cosmic Ascent). Many of our stars that we have shipped to are practitioners in their own regards whether they do energetic work through meditation, divination, or other spiritual means of energetic transmission. I've heard back that my designs aide in boosting the energies of those wearing them in a lot of different ways.

Each of my designs are made to carry a certain vibe which I explain in the descriptions. after I send out a design I use sage to cleanse the crystals and visualization to charge them with healing intentions before they arrive to you. You can also request that I charge the crysals with an intention specifically for you by sending us an email when you make a purchase be sure to list the design you'd like me to charge and what intention you'd like me to use. Our current collection, the constellation collection, utilizes mythology, cosmology, and gemstones to create powerful healing talismans for every day wear and use. Be sure to check out all of our different creations available via our ecommerce storefronts on the web, instagram, and facebook.


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