Salishan Association and Cosmic Ascent LLC. Virtual Night Out of The Box Collaboration is a HIT!

Thanks to Stephanie Cristy at the Salishan Association, King Wojack, and John Hargis as well as the fabulous guests and performers that allowed this virtual concert to happen, I was able to put my passion for community engagement and digital media to good use! I worked with the Salishan Association to help kick off a virtual prom some months ago, this event absolutely blew that one out of the water! It took a lot of work to pull everything together, and because of John and Stephanie's careful planning paired with my know how in livestreaming, we were able to host a virtually flawless event.

This is definitely an area of work that I'm happy to be engaged in and starts to help Cosmic Ascent grow in the direction of our values, which are to be a change beyond just fashion, but an evolutionary branch of culture and spirituality. We had so many wonderful artists and I'd be remiss to describe the indescribable, I truly encourage you to check out the stream and keep your eye on these budding Salishan Community musicians. Also, it was delightful to see our police force show up to talk more with the community and be a part of the event, that was a particular highlight for me.

It's important our jewelry business expands that Cosmic Ascent becomes a true social and sustainable enterprise. I have been working to understand many aspects of community development for the last few years and trying to get involved where I can make big impacts. Being able to work with the Salishan Association has been a godsent. Stephanie reached out to me through a mutual friend when she was thinking of hosting a virtual prom, we struggled through to pull something together but, as these things typically go, it was hard to know exactly how things would play out. Our Planning for National Night out went much smoother! Knowing what I was able to deliver and having more teammembers was great and not having to focus on hosting as well as operating the stream was a major load off of my back. I just can't express enough excitement and would love to offer the opportunity for similar collaborative works in the future, it's best to reach myself, Zamara Bennett and Cosmic Ascent via phone at 253-319-1131 and to get in touch with me. I want to emphasize my openness to create new experiences and have successfull collaborations and so if live streaming, community development, and/or jewelry interests you and you have some ideas, please reach out!

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