There are so many factors that come into play with jewelry and sizing!

At Cosmic Ascent Jewelry, our designs come at an initial design length and we are able to adjust the size to fit your unique needs by taking away or adding beads to a piece. To determine if a design will fit you, or if you need to order in a different size, you'll need to know your own measurements. Bracelet sizing can be determined by measuring the wrist and necklaces by measuring the neck.


Find your bracelet size by using a piece of flexible string or piece of paper. Wrap tightly around just below your wrist bone and mark on the paper or string your measurement, then line up to a ruler or tape measure and write down the length. We recommend adding 1/2-1" to your measurement to determine the most comfortable bracelet size. (Example, my wrist measures 6.8" I would order bracelets between 7-8" to achieve the most comfortable fit). We also recommend measuring your favorite bracelet you already own to ensure best fit. You should then size up to the closest fit possible. If you want the same length of a bracelet you already own, please fill out a custom order form!


For necklaces, measurements are more flexible. Be sure to measure your neck, the same way you'd measure your wrist, but think about where you want the necklace pendant to land. Do this by grabbing a string and placing it around your neck. Put the end of the string where you would like the necklace pendent to ideally lay. Mark the ends and measure it. Order the closest size available or send us a custom order form. By measuring your neck, you will get a minimum chain length, which will tell you how many inches of necklace you'll need to cover your neck, it can also inform what sizes are the most flattering for you. At Cosmic Ascent Jewelry, we use standard necklace sizes for our initial designs and we offer some custom sizing depending on the piece and your needs.

  • 14" Necklace

Fits most like a choker

  • 16" Necklace

Falls perfectly around the base of the neck like a collar. On a petite woman it will hit your collarbone while for plus size women it might feel more like a choker.

  • 18" Necklace

A common choice for women that will fall just below the throat at the collarbone. This length is popular for adding pendants which will hang over a crew neck.'

  • 20" Necklace

Will fall a few inches below the collarbone and allow a little more breathing room. Perfect for a low, plunging neckline or if you want to wear it over a turtleneck.

  • 24" Necklace

Falls above or at top of bust.

  • 30" Necklace

Falls below bust or one or two inches below your sternum bone.

  • 36" Necklace

Common with pearl strands and will hang below the bosom. They can be worn as a single strand or you can double them for an 18 inch necklace.